Wednesday, October 04, 2006

item of the day: mary j by vans

so i have to confess that, of all the '80s trends that are out there right now, the one that has finally swayed me is the prevalence of vans. they're everywhere! and darn it, i want a pair! only problem...i'm an almost-30-year-old-attorney, so it's hard to pull off most styles (despite my secret yearning for these ones, which are darling enough to make me wish i were still in law school, back when i could pull off 'funky' a bit better).

but, in my web cruising recently, i stumbled across this darling mary jane/ballet flat version of the vans i so covet. hurrah! i think i can actually wear these without feeling like i'm trying to reclaim my youth :) well, at least i'm not trying too much.....