Monday, October 16, 2006

i enjoy being a girl

it's true. i love being girly. shopping, martinis, dresses, things! hence, i love october, because it's the one time of year i can not only buy all manner of pink things, but i can also support a good cause (breast cancer research) while i'm at it.

some of my favorites this year:

the rowenta pink iron - now, i despise menial labor, but i think i could even be coerced into ironing my own shirts if i had this cute little pink number :)

since we know i'm not much with the domestic goddess-ness, what better than a little pink robot to do all of the work for me?? snap up this pink roomba, and you can sit on the couch reading your latest issue of vogue, while it does all the dirty work. now that's what i call a good cause!

and of course, what's more girly than sitting on the couch, eating pink chocolates and sipping a lovely rosé from your pink riedel wine glasses?? not much, if you ask me. happy october, everyone!