Thursday, October 19, 2006

new site: piperlime

wow, gap inc is really going crazy with launching new stores...first forth and towne, and now this?

piperlime is shoes only, and they're taking after the zappos model with a "free shipping & free returns" policy (which i adore). prices are actually pretty reasonable, though they do run the gamut. they're not selling private label (ie, banana republic or gap brand) shoes - a quick review of the site scored me a few irregular choice selections, a delman, and even an isaac mizrahi.

why i'm excited: i can use my banana republic card, and since we all know about my shoe fetish, this is about to mean rewards galore for moi. plus, another shoe store is always good news, right? and this store is definitely long on options...i searched for my shoe size (a very hard-to-find size 11), and found more than 300 pairs in the 'boots' section alone. impressive.

in all, it's actually a pretty eclectic, hip collection...not at all what i would have expected from stores that generally stick pretty close to the status quo. should make for some interesting browsing, at least :) oh, and if you do decide to do more than browse, you can take 10% off with code "TREAT" through the end of this year. have fun!