Wednesday, October 11, 2006

item of the day: bond no. 9 perfumes

so, for the last few months, the buzz on the street when it comes to fragrance has been about a company i'd never even heard of - bond no. 9. as we all know, i don't do well being the last person in the loop, so i decided it was high time to investigate.

as it turns out, they have a pretty unique concept: "making scents of new york," as the slogan on their website goes. basically, the idea is that they're bottling scents that they think personify different neighborhoods in manhattan. as i said, unique, right?

i have to admit to some initial misgivings. the thought of quantifying and bottling the scent of a handful of neighborhoods in manhattan had me a little baffled when i first heard the concept. i mean, after all, what would chinatown really smell like if you bottled it? or maybe the bronx? yep, my thoughts exactly.

but never one to turn my back on an idea until i've checked it out, i dropped a line to the nice people over at bond, and they were kind enough to help me with checking out a few of their fragrances. and, as it turns out, i LOVED them. i've been digging jo malone for a while now, but i have to say that i really think bond has won me over. in addition to their normal 'neighborhood scents,' they've also released one called 'the scent of peace' (a post-9/11 thing)....the website says it has notes of blackcurrant and lily of the valley, but i was getting a pretty distinct citrusy kind of vibe as well. regardless, it's way yummy.

another i really liked was 'nuits de noho' - it's definitely an evening scent (hence the name) has a nice scent of vanilla and something heavier (patchouli, according to the website), without going overboard on either. no question, you'd definitely be the hot girl on the dance floor wearing this one.

i have yet to try the rest of the fragrances, but i'm anxious to check out 'chelsea flowers' and 'bleecker street,' both of which sound fabulous on the website. (and aren't the bottles just gorgeous!?)

now, they're not cheap, at about $120/bottle (though you can buy smaller sizes for $40, under the 'bon bon box' section on their website). but the scents are definitely a little goes a long way. and, for me at least, i buy a scent so rarely that i'm willing to invest when i find one i love. or, you could go for broke and pick up their adorable 'bon bon box' for $240, which comes with 18 different scents to try. you can buy online, or check them out at your friendly neighborhood saks store :)

oh and, as it turns out, chinatown actually smells like peach blossom, tuberose and gardenia....quite lovely, in fact.

PS - keep an eye out...the folks at bond and i got along so well that i think we're going to put together some sort of fantastic holiday giveaway, right here on my humble little blog! so stay tuned :)