Monday, October 02, 2006

designer of the day: tory burch

it's not every day that a new designer comes along and really impresses me. sure, there was loeffler randall. and before them, nanette lepore. but for the most part, i trend toward the classics. not necessarily because i have a bias, but more because it seems sometimes that new designers on the scene are trying really hard to be edgy, and my style is much more 'classic'....i can't pull off edgy. so, while i admire the newbies for their creativity, i tend to just walk on by.

while tory burch has actually been on the scene for a year or two now, she's really coming into her mainstream-ness this year. and with good reason. tory has figured out a balance between creativity and wearability...a fine line for a lot of designers. she's also managed to create lines that are easily identifiable as something she made, without the piece having to be covered with logos. best of all, she hasn't gone into the land of 'no mere mortal should ever be able to afford to actually purchase something of mine'. all reasons to love her :)

take her diamond print dress, above, as an example. the pattern is so unique, the colors stand out, but the style is eminently classic and would be so universally flattering. i love it.

i also love this cashmere tank. it's probably the best way i've seen to pull off the '80s floppy bow look that seems to be running rampant this fall, and it would be a darling layer under any number of blazers, capes, etc.

and it wouldn't be a blog post from me if it didn't include some shoes. there is something about these that i just love....and they come in a big handful of completely delicious colors.

and, my last reason for loving tory is that she has a website...and a quite fabulous one at that. moreover, said website is currently sporting a pretty darn impressive sale collection. definitely worth a look, as you could score this completely darling little sleeveless dress for just $62, down from an original $250. now that's love!