Monday, October 02, 2006

angela's personal shopping expedition, part 1

angela asked for a few things, and i think they're best answered in separate posts (must keep the blog organized, after all!). so, first things first:

I need some cute workout (but budget) gear. I'm short (i.e, long pants drag about 4" on me) and hippy, so nothing too clinging on the bottom or revealing on the top (no sports bras alone for me!)

no problem!

while i don't share your vertically challenged-ness, i can definitely agree that clingy bottoms are not my first choice for gym couture...on me or anyone else. hence my decision to join a gym frequented primarily by 65-year-old retirees :) but i digress...

anyway, down to the point - here are some ideas for you. since i know you're already familiar with the wonder that is target, i'm going to set that store aside for now, and lure you into lesser-known spots on the web. first, i have to tell you that i love lucy when it comes to workout gear. regular price, their stuff isn't cheap...but when things go on sale, you can score some great deals.

i'm guessing you're not a fan of the 'short short', but how about these bermuda length numbers? not clingy, a good fabric for wicking moisture, and best of all, they're on clearance!

another one i like for you is this 'knee pant'...i think on you, it would be more like a capri, which should be perfect. these are slim, but not 'tight,' they come in several great colors, and again, on sale :)

as for tops, i'm not sure how 'high performance' you like your workout gear. for me, an old t-shirt will do just fine (and lucy carries a great range of cute options there, too). if you like something that's made specifically for the workout, i like this top - it has all of the fancy tech fabric of the higher-cost models, but you can score it for under $20.

another of my favorite stores for workout wear is athleta - they're not inexpensive, but their items are all excellent quality, which means a pair of $50 workout pants will last much longer than that pair you bought at target :) plus, they carry petite sizes which are pretty hard to come by in the world of workout gear.

last but certainly not least, don't forget about rei. go to their outlet section online, and you can score some pretty good deals, including these shorts for $10, and this quick-drying top for $20.