Friday, May 30, 2008

what i want today: menswear-inspired wrist watch

i don't normally go for the menswear-style least not for myself. love them on others, but i always feel the styling is off for me. but i ran into this max bill version over at velocity art and design, and it was love at first sight. the size is right for that menswear look, but the styling is so understated that it could easily be interpreted as feminine. plus, it has just the right touch of antique detailing - it looks exactly like something you picked up from your grandfather's dresser. i do so love to see classic pieces done exactly right, and this is a perfect example.

$580 at velocity, but lucky magazine was kind enough to score a 25% off coupon, sitewide (which, i'll be honest, i'm going a little crazy with). use code luckybreaks11 at checkout.