Friday, May 30, 2008

oh, and happy SATC premiere day!

the hubs surprised me with tickets to the movie that's love! so, in honor of carrie and the gang, here's a worthy friday splurge for you!

i know those dior extreme gladiators have been absolutely everywhere lately, because of their notable appearance in the movie. but, well, as O would say..."me no likey" (and if you got that, you should definitely challenge your friends to a game of SATC trivia). i much prefer these gorgeous sandals from master manolo's spring runway collection. truly the ultimate "strappy sandal," they have that gladiator vibe, but aren't going to scream last season by the time the movie makes it to DVD.

if you're looking for a real SATC-worthy splurge, i highly recommend these bordeaux beauties...if you have one of those lifestyles in which you don't actually have to walk anywhere, you'll look absolutely stunning just standing still.

(PS...just a little tip from me to you: if you have any interest in seeing the movie, i'd do it this weekend...much as i despise crowds (and opening weekend, for that matter), the internet is going to positively ruin the movie by monday. so, see it before it's picked apart, overanalyzed and "spoiler alert"-ed to death.)