Tuesday, May 13, 2008

summer dress roundup

(again, a great big thanks to connie at the daily obsession for giving us her take on the best summer dresses out there!)

Ahh...as the weather warms up, I just crave dresses. That means I'll be keeping my eye out for new frocks and pulling out the credit cards so I can add them to my closet!

To start, I need to find some work-appropriate dresses. Hanii Y has this fabulous black dress embroidered with white circles, which are totally classic but fun. I adore the feminine puff sleeves, yet structured shape. I also know that I won't be sweating bullets at a client meeting when it's 90 degrees out, since it's totally lightweight. Linen is also never a bad path to go down. This Thurley dress feels very organic, but the black embroidery adds sophistication. All I would need is are a pair of simple black round toe pumps to finish the look.

For the weekend, I'm all over lightweight sundresses like this one by Maeve. The bright color is cheery, but what really captured my attention was the neckline. It has a lovely pleated design over the decollete area, which I think is so fun. Another option is this fantastic silk halter dress by Vanitas of California. How can you not love the beautiful dripping blue, green and white print? Plus, you could wear this on a variety of occasions - from the annual family picnic to a friend's engagement party.

Lastly, I have to talk about my favorite go-to store, J. Crew. I can always count on them for some great, reasonably priced pieces - and lately, they've been knocking it out of the park. For a easy day dress, my pick is this cherry blossom button-front dress. I'd belt it and wear it to work with a structured tote and heels. I also adore this colorblock shift; the vibrant pairing of orange and magenta is so bold and fun, making it perfect for the season. Plus, the texture and shape of the dress is a bit of a throwback to the '60s that is flattering on most body types.

Have any other suggestions? Drop a comment and let us know!