Sunday, May 04, 2008

weekend report: oh, how i love a sample sale...

i spent my sunday in berkeley, checking out the outstanding wares of three of my favorite potters, all of whom teamed up to throw the mother of all sales this weekend. i had so much fun, and actually got to meet all of the designers, which was possibly even more exciting than seeing their gorgeous work in person. they were every bit as delightful as i'd expected.

i picked up a stunning teapot by whitney smith, and a gorgeous bowl for my mom for mother's day. it was sheer torture to leave behind a diana fayt platter that captured my heart, and a beeeyooteefull rae dunn vase that i so couldn't afford, but adored nonetheless.

sigh...i do so love living in an area where there are so many fantastic independent artists everywhere i turn!

if you missed out on the event, check all of these amazing artists out on etsy - seller names are raedunn, oneblackbird and whitneysmith.