Thursday, May 22, 2008

deal of the day, part II: shopjake spring sale

i know, i know....a lot of sale posts this week. but the shopjake sale is one of the best, and i'd never forgive myself for failing to share.

the deal is this: 40% off just about everything from spring. and i'm not talking about just the stuff that didn't sell. they've marked down darn near everything on the site! including that stunning barbara bui handbag i've been wanting for no longer relegated to the "if only" pile.

or that gorgeous rebecca minkoff steady bag, which isn't on sale anywhere, down to $405 for my favorite stone/tangerine color combo.

i'm really struggling to resist this beautiful missoni wrap dress, down to $410 - my fave is this lovely aqua color, above. or, for a more practical option, this riser goodwyn sheath dress is down from $1100 to $295 (i know!), and it's a classic you'll keep for decades.

coats...well, there's the 3.1 philip lim red trench, down to $375. and there's the ultra-ladylike hanii y jacket, down to $385...

you get the idea. shopjake is just about the only retailer i know that does a sale this well...let's all get out our credit cards and show our gratitude, shall we?