Tuesday, May 06, 2008

mother's day gift guide: delegation extraordinaire!

it's not often that i just completely throw up my hands when it comes to a gift guide, but i've had a rough time coming up with ideas for mother's day this year. so, in lieu of my expert advice, i thought i'd suggest a few gift guides from shops i love that were right on target.

first off, the thoughtfully comprised list at le train bleu is everything a mother's day gift should be: thoughtful, unique, and special. i think my mom would love just about any of the gifts on their list. and, if i'm not mistaken, that 25% off code should still be working.

second, the lovely people over at organic style have a huge range of ideas, everything from flowers to cookies to a cozy bathrobe.

last, but not least, i had to throw in jonathan adler's gift guide, for fun if nothing else. he's themed his guide according to what TV mom yours most embodies, and i must admit i found his picks pretty dead on.

here's hoping one of these fabulous sites has a perfect gift for your mom...and mine.