Friday, March 30, 2007

what i want today: cowboy weekender bag by cath kidston

whenever i'm feeling especially girly, my mind naturally wanders to the queen of all things feminine: cath kidston. based in the UK, cath makes girly her staple - seriously, you've never seen so many floral prints in one place since your grandmother's kitchen. but the thing is, she does it with funk and sass....and it's completely adorable! sigh...makes me miss living in london, only a hop, skip and a bus ride away from her shop.

while i love all of her bags and accessories, the one i'm coveting today (in a big, big way) is this completely darling weekender bag. made of indestructible teflon-coated oilcloth. with cute little cowboys, horses and yes, covered wagons running all over it. i just adore it!!

not all of the beautiful things on her UK site are available in the states (wow, this is the second day i've had to say this...must blog about something american tomorrow). but, if you fall in love with something and can't find it on their US site, they will ship to the US from the UK...for a hefty fee. fortunately, this darling is available on their US site (hurray!)...and you can pick it up for $110 right here.

PS - you can also find a few of cath kidston's homewares at