Thursday, March 29, 2007

what i got today: 'by the lake' cup & saucer sets

i came across these little darlings in an old daily candy deals, and ordered them, even with the exorbitant overseas shipping from the store in the UK that carries them (i decided they qualified as a "household" purchase). they finally arrived last night, and i'm completely in love with them. so unique, and they manage to be both sophisticated and fun at the same time. the saucer is silver-plated, and is meant to be the "lake"....the design on the cup is trees, and has either a tiny little bird in a tree or a tiny horse drinking from the lake - and i adore them both! you can also get a version with a beetle, but i'm not fond enough of bugs to have them with my morning cappucino.

anyway, they're so cute that i just had to go seek them out stateside so i could share them with you all (besides, the UK seller has sold out of the little bird cup, which is my favorite!). the designer (ChilliChilly) has a few other styles as well, including this little froggy version that i think is super cute. but the bird and horse designs just stole my heart. they're $20 each, but hey, if they inspire me to drink my cappucino at home instead of at crackbucks for even a week, they pay for themselves!