Tuesday, March 06, 2007

item of the day: vintage 'vogue' covers

so, we don't do a lot of home decor on this blog, but a friend (thanks, M!) has alerted me to the coolest thing i've seen in a while, and i just had to share. apparently conde nast has discovered yet another way to make money...but i'm more than willing to contribute, because i think it's a fabulous idea. they're letting you order prints of vintage magazine covers - they have several to choose from, but my favorite (of course) are the vintage covers of vogue. they're just gorgeous! they remind me of the days when magazine covers really were a work of art, and weren't just photos of celebrities, crammed behind headlines like "100 brand new sex tips" and "how to sculpt your abs in 6 easy steps". ah, the good old days....LOL.

my personal faves are the covers from the 1920s - to me, that's when fashion really turned into an 'art form,' and design ruled. the cover above is from 1924. but i also love this one from 1919, and this one from 1931 just screams henri matisse, one of my favorite artists of all time - i adore it!

you can buy 20 notecards for $30, a 7 x 9.5 print for $125 and a 16 x 22 print for $250, including matting. a frame will run you another $100. but check out how hot these look on the wall...seriously, i want at least 5 of them. and...wait for it....free shipping!

have fun...the browsing alone should keep most of you busy for a while!