Monday, March 26, 2007

weekend report: red ostrich flats

look at the cuteness that followed me home this weekend! red ostrich ballet flats from london sole, a company that does nothing but ballets, and does them incredibly well. they're known for making several different fits, and zillions of different colors/leathers/styles - if you're looking for a ballet, and haven't been able to find it anywhere, you have to check here. they're not the cheapest out there (mine were just under $200), but they'll last for years, and mold to your foot, making them the most comfy thing under the sun. they've recently opened a boutique in san francisco (on maiden lane, if you're local), and i've been dying to get down there to try some of their gorgeous styles in person. one little caveat: most of their styles ran on the small side, so i'd likely go up a size if i were ordering online (also, most of their shoes have an actual drawstring, meaning they can be tightened up if necessary). as i said, they offer several different fits - i liked the henrietta best, as it has a very low vamp, but the pirouette was also very cute.

seriously, aren't they the most darling things you've ever seen?? i've been eyeing these for a while, so they may be next on the list...although, i tried these on at the shop, and they were incredibly fun too!