Thursday, March 08, 2007

spring accessories for the rest of us: handbags

okay, as promised, i'm working hard to come up with all sorts of goodies that will be perfect for spring and will all (with only one exception so far) come in under $100. an arbitrary number, perhaps, but we have to start somewhere!

so, today's focus is on spring handbags. there are sooooo many options out there that i'm literally mentally flooded right now, but here are a few of my many, many favorites:

wanting something bright and cheerful, but not too "out there"?? try on this framed satchel-style bag from urban outfitters. the color name is "tan," but it looks like a bright, spring-y yellow to me, which is just what i want this time of year. i love that it can be hand-carried or you can use the strap, and it's only $58...leaving you more than enough to pick up a pair of spring shoes (or two) and still stay comfortably under that $100 mark! this little beauty is also super cute in red!

now, i freely admit that this printed straw tote wouldn't work in all locales, but if you happen to live in the right spot, or heck, just love bright colors, i think this is the ultimate summer tote. i think this is one of those bags you have to see "on"....the standard website pic just wasn't doing it justice. $39 at target - another hit for them by rafe!

this linen shoulder bag just screams 'summer classic' to me - i can picture it perfectly with some crisp white pants and a pink T-shirt. this is a great choice if you feel like some of these others are great, but maybe a bit too young for you. i know i tend to chicken out on a lot of spring/summer trends in particular, because i think i'm too old to pull them off - but this bag says chic without trying too hard. and it does a nice job of looking much more expensive than it's $39 pricetag. once again, thank the rafe for target line for this beauty!

i wouldn't really be doing my job as a fashion blogger if i didn't include at least one clutch in this list. clutches are definitely the hot bag for spring - seems everyone's backs are finally giving out from the ginormous bags we've been schlepping around all winter. this spring, it seems less is more. i actually tried this little cutie by monsac out for a while - in the 'opal' color - and, while the style didn't allow me to carry as much as i wanted to, i think for most normal people, this is a great summer buy. and really, how can you resist a color called "dandelion"?? you can take one home for $98, from your friendly neighborhood nordstrom.

last but not least, i almost didn't feature this bag, since it's sold out. but they're getting more in stock, and i think it's worth a mention. anya hindmarch might best be described as the marc jacobs of the UK. her handbags are very high quality, sometimes timeless/sometimes funky, always in demand, and definitely well over our $100 threshold. however, to help raise money for a great environmental org called "we are what we do," anya has released a bag that's quickly become the hottest thing going. for a measly $10, you can pick one up too - they're incredibly high quality canvas bags, with rope handles - for the price, you can't do better for a simple tote bag. and you'll be about as "on trend" as a girl can be this spring. so, keep an eye on anya's website - they're due to be back on sale any day now!