Tuesday, March 20, 2007

deal of the day: 25% off at the laundress

time to share one of my favorite recent discoveries - washing my favorite sweaters at home. that's right - no more $300 sweaters coming home either stuck to one of those adhesive pants hanger things, or worse, hung on a (gasp) wire hanger. and my cashmere has never looked so good. truly, the laundress has easily cut my drycleaning bill in half....and my cashmere sweaters (yes, i now hand wash them) have never been softer, fluffier, or happier.

normally, i buy their products from other sites, because they charge a pretty hefty shipping fee, and we know how i feel about that. but this week, using code DCDEALS (thank you, daily candy!), everything on thelaundress.com is 25% off. that's more than enough to cover the shipping, plus you'll actually have the ability to choose from their full line of products, and not get stuck with a scent you don't love, just because it's all that another store has in stock.

i love their wool and cashmere shampoo - and it has the added bonus of having a bit of cedar extract, keeping your gorgeous cashmere moth-free all summer. i'm also completely addicted to their stain solution, which effortlessly removed a grease stain from the bottom of my insanely fabulous burberry cashmere coat with nary a trace. i still don't have a cleaner i'd trust with that coat.

and if you're just too scared to put your favorite sweater anywhere near a tub of water, well, just watch their handy-dandy instructional video. even my insane paranoia was tamed after seeing them actually go through the process. and it really does work! these ladies are definitely on to something.

everything i've tried so far has been fabulous, so pick something up while it's on sale and give them a try - i think you'll be hooked!