Monday, March 19, 2007

item of the day: a post script on shoes

these didn't make the cut for the spring shoes post (even though they were my faves from the bunch) because they didn't meet the price threshold - by a measly $18. but, rules are rules. doesn't stop me from featuring them today, though!!

i am so in love with the colors on these stunning flats, i can't even begin to tell you. and, while they do break my 'no suede shoes, ever' rule, i think they're well worth it. the colors are so rich and fun - i can imagine them going with all sorts of great spring outfits, especially for those of you that can't bring yourselves to wear pastels just because the weather turned warm. and the gold trim really brings out the luxe factor, making them look much more expensive than they actually are - a feature i always love.

as is too often the case, anthropologie has seen fit not to stock my size in these beauties. so, could someone shop vicariously for me?? pick them up here, and wear them out with your favorite jeans immediately!