Tuesday, April 29, 2008

what i want today: sigerson morrison shoes

man, 10 minutes on sigerson morrison's website, and i'm as smitten as i was when i first discovered the line years ago. i'm not saying there aren't some definite misses in the collection from time to time, but overall...yum.

honestly, these orange patent heels are just fabulous, though. my favorite thing about all of my sigerson shoes is that they're just a little bit eccentric, but in that timeless way that keeps me going back, no matter what's "in" that season. my green suede d'orsays are still among my all-time favorite purchases. and i can definitely see these beauties being next on the list.

of course, i'd probably get more wear from these lovely patent flats...as i live in flats 95% of the time. but the heels are just so fun and exciting. hmm.

check out all of the pretties here or here...happy spring!