Tuesday, April 22, 2008

what i want for earth day: suki cosmetics

i have to admit that i sort of have a love/hate with suki products. the problem is that i tend to get a little obsessed, and find myself having a hard time parting with them long enough to try any other brands that come my way.

suki just launched their cosmetic line, and i love it every bit as much as i love their skin care products. one of my favorite qualities in a cosmetic is a multi-tasking product, and suki has that in spades.

take their triple cream eye definer: it works as a fabulous and long-lasting cream shadow, eyeliner or even a brow definer. and the colors are fantastic - i tried out the amber, and it's my new favorite shade. the slight shimmer brightens up your entire face, so it gives you that "she did something new, but what is it?" look. and it stays put beautifully all day and night.

same story for their pure cream lip & cheek stain - the colors are gorgeous (my fave is opal), the application is simple, and the results are flawless, without a lot of effort. just what the doctor ordered.

last, but certainly not least, their concealer does a really fabulous job of covering nearly anything - my only tip is to make sure you use it in lieu of an eye moisturizer, as it doesn't get along with my eye creams.

best of all, suki's products are completely and totally natural, non-toxic, and generally designed to make your skin happy. even their (completely gorgeous) packaging is eco-friendly - it's printed on recycled materials, with vegetable ink.

my favorite part is that suki takes the trouble to actually remove the allergens from the natural ingredients, so people with freakishly sensitive skin like me can still partake in the products, without fear of major allergic reactions.

check out the full line at suki's website - you'll love it as much as i do. happy earth day!