Saturday, April 19, 2008

etsy of the day: sarahjanestudios prints

i've had this artist listed as one of my etsy favorites for ages. everything she comes up with just somehow makes me relaxed, happy and mellow. and for a high-strung girl like me, that's something special. so, i'm pretty confident that if i were decorating a nursery (now there's the "if" heard round the world...), the walls would be covered with sarah jane's beautiful prints.

until then, these will just have to be my go-to baby gift - though i'll have to temper that with my general feeling that one should not purchase art for someone else unless you're really, freakishly confident in that person's taste. i can't even get art picks for the hubs right yet. then again, babies don't have i can force mine upon them, right?

wow, digress much? anyway, more of sarah jane's lovely work:

(above is goodnight, friend - which is making me sigh every time i look at it. pair it with i love you, friend, and life is pretty darn idyllic.)

breakfast bunny, $24.

j'aime ma maman, $24 (also see j'aime mon papa, which is equally adorable. and they're available as a set for $40).

what little boys are made of, set of 3 prints for $60.

and one more, courtesy of the lovely poppytalk. the three bears, revisited, $24 (available in girl and boy versions).