Friday, April 18, 2008

cheap thrills: old navy patent t-strap sandals

i am having oh so much fun with the "new and improved" old navy. these lovely t-strap sandals bear a striking resemblance to a pair i've been coveting for at least two years now, but at literally 1/20 the price. not bad for a day's browsing...

i nabbed the white, in the vain hope that my pasty pale skin will be a little bit more tan in months to come. but i'm sort of in love with this fabulous bright green color too. at $19 each, i probably should have just bought both, but i decided to tack these on instead (in yellow...divine!). again, not as cute as the original, but for $14, i'll take it.

ooh, and use code STUFFSAVE for 20% off your old navy purchase through 4/24.