Thursday, April 10, 2008

what i want today: big, bold prints

ever since i read an article in the april vogue about the author's first marimekko dress, i've been craving big a big way.

there's the original, of course, which one can't overlook. this site has more options than just about anyone, and their pricing is pretty impressive. i love this tunic style shirtdress ($219), which gives you the fabulous pattern, but the conservative styling reins it in and makes it office-appropriate.

but then, i think if you're jumping on this look, the "reined in" thing isn't really the point at all. i love this blouse (on sale for $109), which is completely over the top, in the best of ways. wear it with a skinny black pant or pencil skirt, layer a turtleneck underneath, leave it open & call it a jacket, or close it up and call it a blouse - this is a piece i'd never get tired of.

i'm also loving some of the less obvious versions floating around this spring. this version by puella ($176) is a little bit 70s flower child, but the styling keeps it modern.

if adding color on top of pattern is just too much for you, try this big, bold black and white number by mika piirainen ($183). i love the swirling pattern and classic cut - this is a dress that's so classic, your daughters are sure to fight over it one day.

and, if all of this pattern is just a little more than you can convince yourself to try, consider dabbling with a fabulous marimekko scarf ($20), which can give you that splash of crazy color and pattern, without stretching your boundaries too far. for me, if i can track down these absolutely amazing wooden brooches (which seem, tragically, to be out of stock absolutely everywhere), i'll die a happy woman.

(PS...i would also be remiss if i didn't mention the marimekko line for H&M hits stores tomorrow, 4/10. a sneak peek can be found here..enjoy!)