Thursday, March 27, 2008

what i want today: rebecca ciccio handbags

i've been lusting after rebecca ciccio's gorgeous handbag line for the longest time, but can't seem to bring myself to invest in neutral colors for some reason. so when her fabulous octavia bag showed up in burnt orange, and in lusciously soft deerskin to boot, it was love at first sight.

this is one of those bags that's big enough to work as a work tote, but it'll slouch just beautifully when it's less full, so you won't feel like you're carrying around a huge sack. the styling is perfectly chic and timeless, but the color isn't so trendy that the bag will end up in the back of your closet by this time next year. in fact, something tells me this beauty will be the one you can't keep from using day after day.

rebecca was sweet enough to share a preview of her spring colors with me, and they're every bit as divine as her originals (they'll be available online in a few weeks). there's a very yummy butterscotch color (just like it sounds, a fabulous, rich, deep yellow/orange), and a teal that would be just the perfect pop of color all summer long. but, my heart still belongs to that fabulous burnt orange.

not all of rebecca's bags are deerskin - she chooses the hide based on what will work best for the color. but each and every one is handmade, which is music to my ears. i love the octavia best, but the noe is a darling little mini-version that's fantastic (though i wish it were available in more colors). for those of you that are messenger bag addicts, i think you'll find the robertson is absolutely perfect.

most of her bags run about $500-600, but since her styles are so timeless, and her craftsmanship is so impeccable, this is a great way to purchase a bag with the traits of a really high-end piece without the pricetag. order online from rebecca's website or, for my bay area readers, check out the goods in person at dress in san francisco, or number 5 in ross.