Tuesday, March 18, 2008

asked and answered: summer party dress

hard to believe, but i'm already getting reader questions about summer wedding attire. is it really that time already?

no matter - i have a fantastic solution to this annual dilemma. this darling dress by theory just screams spring to me. i love the ruched bodice, love the length, love the pockets - i would wear this beauty to every wedding, baby shower, and bar mitzvah between now and september.

the color is fantastic, flattering on pretty much any skin tone, and perfect for warm weather. the silhouette is forgiving enough to allow for that second piece of wedding cake. and the style is simple enough to allow for multiple wears without anyone pointing at you and screaming "hey, you wore that to nancy's wedding last month!" after one too many trips to the open bar.

to restyle this piece and really make it your own, try adding a huge, chunky necklace in cobalt blue one day, and a dainty strand of pearls another. cardigans, blazers, sure...but i'd even consider layering a white button-down over it, and using the belt to tie the whole thing together (no pun intended). or, scrap the belt entirely, and substitute a gorgeous scarf.

that's a lot of mileage to get out of a dress for $250. oh, and free two-day shipping (hurray for avoiding their notoriously slow-boat shipping) with code NMFAST.