Friday, March 14, 2008

what i want today: liza shtromberg jewelry

(this post is especially for JB, who i knew would love these gorgeous pieces as soon as i spied them.)

liza shtromberg's jewelry just reminds me of being somewhere warm, relaxing and tropical - and really, isn't that a feeling we could all stand to have a daily reminder of?

her 'flowers' collection is my favorite - this baby blue flower pendant, made of amazonite and carnelian, would be gorgeous on someone with dark hair and ultra-tan skin (told you this was for you, J). and at $75, it's a gift that's easy to give. i also love this carnelian flower ring, which is such a fabulously casual take on the mega-cocktail ring trend that's so hot right now.

for something a little less tropical, but no less gorgeous, i adore this peridot and apatite necklace - it would be just lovely with my green eyes.

these super simple "ringlet" earrings are so organic and lovely - they'll go with anything and everything, which is fabulous when you consider they're under $50.

enjoy checking out the rest of her pieces. i'd particularly recommend the sterling silver collection, the gold collection and the flowers collection.