Friday, March 07, 2008

SMC beauty buys: darphin 8 flower nectar

i know, i know - two beauty posts in a row! but there's a lovely deal going on over at darphin that i just had to share. through march 8 (that's saturday, ladies), if you spend $75 at darphin's website, you'll get a sample of their fabulous 8 flower nectar and their hydraskin light. use code BEAUTYBLOG to score this offer.

in general, darphin's products really strike me as the best of the best (though i will admit to really disliking the scent of their body lotion). i was first introduced to them when i had that fabulous facial at bluemercury a while back. their aesthetician used only darphin masks on my face, and i can tell you that my skin was incredibly grateful.

i haven't tried the hydraskin product that comes in this offer, but the folks at darphin were kind enough to let me check out the 8 flower nectar, and i have to say that it's one of my new favorite products. the scent is completely amazing, and it makes my skin ridiculously soft, even in the yucky winter weather. the website says it better: "Rejuvenating, nourishing and it helps to firm and minimize the appearance of lines and wrinkles, restores natural radiance, suppleness and resilience for overall youthful-looking skin."

yeah, what they said.

it is pricey (i gasped, i'll admit it), but i can tell you i've been using it for a week, and the bottle is still completely full - so i think you'll get serious mileage out of this purchase. or, better yet, pick up one of their other lovely products (i love their aromatic bath and body oil - just smelling it relaxes me, and again, it makes my skin so amazingly soft. yum.) and snag the free sample of the 8 flower nectar, so you can check it out gratis.

i hope some of you get a chance to take advantage of this lovely offer from darphin...these opportunities don't come around often! and in the meantime, i'll see if i can check out a few more of their facial products and let you all know how they fare.