Tuesday, March 25, 2008

lucky mag redux: april 2008 edition

i remember the days when lucky arriving in my mailbox was the highlight of my month. lately, though, it feels like little more than a catalog, with a few useful coupons in the back. am i the only one?

anyway, it's gotten to the point that i really feel the highlights of any issue can usually be summed up in about 5 minutes. let's see if i'm right...

p. 86: i kind of liked that peach suede clutch by hype ($125, no online sourcing, sadly) - but probably not enough to buy it.

p. 95: i did love a couple of these 'ethereal tanks' - particularly the ones by eva franco (also, annoyingly, no online sourcing - are we sensing a trend?) and forever 21, the token bargain throw-in. the forever 21 version is long gone from the website, naturally, but you can get 25% off the eva franco top if you love it enough to call & order (see p. 254).

p. 243: randomly useful write-up on shopping in oakland, CA...hey, this i can actually use! you know, if i remember to tear out the page and not lose it in the sea of paper on my desk.

p. 247: love that knit necklace by jorge morales...and it's under $100. fabulous!

p. 249: ooh, gorjana discount code?? hmm. no...just another stupid giveaway. how i've never won, given the sheer quantity of lucky mag giveaways i've entered, baffles the mind and defies any odds i can come up with.

p. 252: hmm, 25% off at hayden-harnett (code luckybreaks4) and tulle (code luckybreaks2)...that's not bad. off to browse now...

p. 258 (for you bay area girls): that laptop case is actually pretty cute, and again, a rare under-$100 find. and, wait, is that online sourcing i see?? surely not!

hmm. yeah, that's about it. glad i'm only spending $12/year on this.

and yes, i realize this turned into more of an exercise in snarkiness than anything. but aren't we all entitled to a little snarkiness here & there?