Thursday, March 13, 2008

what i want today: anya hindmarch spring bags

i've been wanting an anya hindmarch bag for years. there's something about her style that i just love. but i was never really "in love" with any of her designs...until now. her new 'spider' clutch is just about as perfect as perfect gets, i think. that rich tan leather keeps it casual enough for day, but the metallic gold bottom and hardware make it perfect for a night on the town. plus, i love that the size (10x5) is just large enough for it to work as a day clutch, without being so huge that it joins the "mega clutch" trend, which will be out in mere months. and the price ($485) is actually reasonable among her high-end counterparts.

when it rains, it pours. this cooper tote is so lovely, i hardly know where to start. again, i love that metallic bottom, but the shape and color are just so perfect for spring. it's striking without being too "in your face" - really just fantastic. the chloet bag is the same idea, but she's added on those fabulous studs i couldn't get enough of from her aretha bag, but made the style a little more casual. plus, that grey color is so very fantastic. sigh.

you can check out everything for spring at or net-a-porter. i honestly don't know whether i should just snag that stunning clutch now, or save my pennies and hope the chloet bag isn't gone by the time i can actually afford it.

decisions, decisions.