Thursday, March 06, 2008

SMC beauty buys: bobbi brown shimmer brick

i'd been hearing so much about the bobbi brown shimmer brick compact lately that i finally just couldn't take it any more, and had to try it for myself. friends had raved that it had near-magical qualities to brighten, highlight, and just generally make your skin look amazing - with almost no effort on your part.

after trying it, i have to admit: the stuff is pretty fantastic. i have just about the palest skin imaginable, so i tried out the pink shade. it works as something between a bronzer, highlighter and blush - i actually use it for all three. if you use the right brush, you can even use each of the shades separately as an eye color. i do so love a product that multi-tasks. when i'm feeling really lazy, i just throw a little on my cheeks and forehead, add a bit of mascara, and call it good.

in all, the shimmer brick compact is an excellent way to spend $38 of your beauty budget. you can pick up any or all of the colors at bobbi brown's website.