Monday, February 11, 2008

shoppingsmycardio valentine's giveaway!

i've been so excited to announce this contest! the absolutely lovely people over at your conscience have recently redesigned not only their website but their entire line of eco-friendly garb, and to celebrate, we get to give away fun prizes and such!

for those who haven't seen my prior write-ups, your conscience is a truly fabulous company who has managed to come up with a really clever way of mixing fashion and social responsibility. every time you buy one of their darling tees, they donate $5 to the environmental org of your choice. so basically, they manage to make my impulse buys into environmentally responsible acts. i heart these people.

they also recently added a couple of new items to the line: a tee designed to benefit the folks rebuilding their homes in new orleans, and a set of four super-portable reusable tote bags, which i'll be snapping up just as soon as i'm done writing this.

best of all, though, your conscience and shoppingsmycardio want so desperately to be your valentine that we're going to buy your love with free stuff. three very lucky shoppingsmycardio readers are going to receive the chance to pick one item of their choice from your conscience - a tee or a set of totes - and it'll be sent to their front step completely gratis!

to enter, just comment on this post and let me know which item you'd choose, and what you love about it. naturally, anonymous posts aren't going to get you anywhere - first name and last initial, please!

we'll choose a winner on valentine's day (when else?), so be sure to stay tuned to find out if a valentine from your conscience will be on it's way to you!

good luck, everyone!!