Thursday, February 07, 2008

SMC beauty buys: resurrecting old classics

wow, are we ever overdue for a beauty post here at shoppingsmycardio!

lately, i've been on a quest for the perfect eye cream. now granted, my expectations are high. i want it to remove dark circles, prevent wrinkles, and generally make me look amazing. but that's not too much to ask, is it? anyway, after months and months, i still haven't found anything jawdropping.

until i find the grail, i'm glad to settle for clever tricks that accomplish the same goal. so, when a colleague suggested i stop by an event benefit cosmetics was holding at my friendly neighborhood bloomingdales, i decided to take her up on the invite. ordinarily, i run screaming from department store makeovers, but the truth is that i already own 90% of the benefit line, so i knew i'd be pretty safe. their products are just so cheeky and fun, i can rarely resist the marketing. bonus is that they actually work.

so, the head of their cosmetics department (i must have really looked like i needed help) worked her wonders on me, and taught me a trick i had never considered. and by god, it actually worked! natch, i rushed back home to try it for myself. and it worked again! best of all, i already owned all products involved, which you know never ever happens in the world of department store cosmetic counters.

anyway, here's the trick: take their eye bright pencil, and scribble (don't you love my technical terminology?) all over the dark parts in the inner corner of your eye, and the wrinkles at the outer corner, that you desperately want to hide. lightly, of course - no need to cause injury. top with a little bit of ooh la lift. blend lightly with finger until it all melts in. then add a little more eye bright on top if you need it, and dab (don't rub - it'll just rub right off) to distribute. top it off with a little lemon-aid on your lids (if you haven't tried this product, i can't say enough lovely things about it), and, well, it just works.

try this one at home, ladies - and report back! i'm anxious to see if i'm the only one, or if i've uncovered some deep, mysterious, dark-circle-hiding secret.