Wednesday, February 13, 2008

valentine's giveaway: last day to enter!!

just a friendly reminder that this is the LAST day to enter our fabulous valentine's giveaway, sponsored by your conscience.

remember, to enter, just go to this post, and drop a quick comment telling us which prize you'd pick, and we'll choose 3 winners to be announced tomorrow.

ooh, and as an added incentive to spread the word, we're going to add an extra element: get friends, family (...coworkers, total strangers, whatever...) to enter, and if they put your name in their comment (as well as their own, obviously), they'll be giving you a second entry into the contest. no limit to how many times you can make this work for you! so, send the link far and wide, and you'll increase your own chances of winning too!

yes, we're all about the selfish good deed here at shoppingsmycardio.