Wednesday, February 06, 2008

what i want today: gorgeous dresses from....jcrew??

i'm sitting here being very annoyed with j.crew - their stupid 'final sale' emails always, always suck me in. i end up spending 20 minutes finding things i want, only to talk myself out of them because i just know i'll get the one sweater that was mislabeled or something, and is actually 2 sizes too small, and i'll be stuck with it for time and all eternity (a phrase that is funnier if you grew up around mormons, but i digress).

however, they've managed to (briefly) redeem themselves. i haven't seen pieces this stunning come out of j.crew....well, ever, really. i mean, i don't really go to them for the fancy, dressy stuff - they're more of a "cashmere sweater & flats" sort of place, right?

but they have a couple of really beautiful options available right now. i absolutely love this silk boatneck a-line dress, which would be a stunning substitute for a suit at the office. or if you love the colors, but wish the style was a little more casual, check out this version, which has a gorgeous ruffled hem, but is otherwise a very straightforward silk sheath that could be styled a dozen different ways.

not a big fan of the pricing - i still dry heave a little at the thought of spending $335 on a j.crew dress. but i have to give credit where credit is due, and these are pretty fantastic.