Tuesday, February 05, 2008

what i want today: freddy & ma vote totes

as it turns out, the rest of the world just keeps on spinnin', even when it's fashion week. who knew?

in honor of super tuesday, it seemed only appropriate to share one of my favorite recent finds with you all. these darling vote totes by freddy & ma ($25) are just the thing to show your support for the team of your choice, without all of those obnoxious stars, stripes, and all-too-predictable red, white and blue color schemes.

you can choose from democrat, republican, hillary, obama, or independent. natch, my money's on the fabulous lady whose chief of staff was named one of vogue's 10 best dressed for 2007. but regardless of who you love (or love to hate), you can't help loving these totes - they're destined to become collector's items, no matter who takes the cake.

if you haven't voted yet today, and you're in a super tuesday state, get your fanny over to your local polling place. you know, right after you order your tote bag.

who says political activism isn't fashionable?

update: anthony of freddy & ma has very generously pointed out that these darling totes are 20% off today, in honor of super tuesday! just use code "supertues" at checkout.