Wednesday, February 14, 2007

poll: which one??

so, after almost a year of searching (yes, i'm the pickiest person on the planet), i think i've finally settled on a case for my iPod nano!

or, at least, i've settled on which brand to buy. still haven't picked the color. that's where you all come in!

i landed on the iPod "outfits" designed by magpie: vinyl-coated fabric, with contrasting color trim and clear plastic protecting the screen and wheel. this case really seems to have it all...more so than any of the million other covers floating around out there. for one thing, i like that the case is all one piece - you don't have to stick a screen protector to the face, or make a piece of plastic fit into a specific spot and stick there. i also really like that it has both a keychain-style clip (which is detachable) and a belt clip - i want the best of both worlds, and it's tough to find! plus, the belt clip is really slim & lies flat, a feature i really like, as many belt clips really bulk up the iPod (especially when you're outfitting a nano). the belt clip is also designed to hold the iPod upside down, which is perfect for being able to read the face of the iPod without unclipping it.

i just love intelligent design, and i think the creator of magpie deserves a little bit of applause from me for getting every little detail just right. plus, they're just so darn cute! and hey, if you're going to put a case on your iPod, and you're a true fashionista, cute is really the only way to go :)

now, the hard question....which design?? 6 darling choices, and i love them all. what do you guys think??