Wednesday, February 14, 2007

and speaking of spring...

okay, this is really "part deux" of my spring ode to anthropologie - but it's all home stuff, so i thought it deserved a separate post.

but really, when it's all flowery and warm outside for the first time in months, doesn't it just make you want to open up all the doors and windows, and redecorate with white linen and all sorts of pretty, bright colors? or is that just me?

if i'm not alone, here are some of my "if only" decorating ideas...if you're still single, do this now - no husband in the world would tolerate most of these ideas!

i think this sofa (whose name is "amelie" perfect is that?) is about the most fabulous thing i've ever seen - fun, funky, but grown up at the same time. if only because everyone knows you must be grown up if you're spending nearly $4,000 on a sofa. oh yeah, plus an extra $150 for shipping. but if you're feeling flush, you can pick yours up here.

now obviously, i don't think you can get both the sofa and the table...together, they'd be a bit much even for me. but i do love the table - i'm picturing it with some very girly and overly decorative white wooden chairs and this chandelier, which would be a great contrast to the very linear style of the table. if you love it too, it'll set you back $1,, it's basically a bargain compared to the sofa! :)

and speaking of white linen....doesn't this just make you want to crawl into bed and never get out? these look so crisp and cool....aaah! i'm relaxed just looking at the picture! of course, in this fantasy, my butler is also bringing me fresh grapefruit juice and the latest 'vogue' to read in bed while i relax in complete silence. but hey, a girl can dream...especially in these bed linens! about $400 to outfit your bedroom in total serenity :)