Monday, February 26, 2007

oscar update: anne hathaway

perez hilton has informed me that i was not NEARLY harsh enough on ms. anne, as i was bitching about her dress before i even saw the back. butt bow? seriously?? i mean, i'm not saying anne is A-list or anything, but i think she's come far enough in her career to have a stylist. if she does somehow have one, that person should be fired. loudly. because really, the only reason someone lets you leave a room wearing a butt bow is because they hate you. or because they're playing a really, really mean practical joke. but then, they'd have stuck the bow on themselves, like a "kick me" sign - and this bow matches the front, so that's not it.

anne, clearly your stylist hates you. hire me instead. really - i'd be great. i mean, even though i don't think you're necessarily oscar material, you seem perfectly nice, and i'd be happy to help.

PS - i posted the above picture because it's clear that, about halfway through her walk down the red carpet, anne realized her hideous mistake.....if only she had an extra hand to cover the back of her dress, this plan might have actually worked.