Monday, February 26, 2007

my mini-oscar review

i'm not even going to try to compete with the myriad oscar coverage out there, but since i went to a completely fabulous oscar soireee last night, i think the least i can do is share my personal favorites for hits and misses on the red carpet.

if you ask me, gwyneth (who bugs the tar out of me, but has great fashion sense) and reese really stole the show - both ensembles were my favorites by far. even though i didn't love the neckline on gwyneth's gown, the silhouette sweetheart neckline made up for it - as did the color and the pleating, both of which were SO perfect for her. it was so perfect, in fact, that i was even willing to forgive her for not having someone follow her around and iron those creases out of the gown from sitting. and reese....well, that girl can pretty much do no wrong in my eyes. that amazing grey chiffon just looked like it was made for her (which, given that she's reese witherspoon and it's the oscars, could actualy be the case). and her hair - i'm sorry, but she looks so cute with bangs that she's actually making me consider having my hairdresser bring back a hairstyle i haven't had since the 80s! (just the bangs, not the scary perm or the claw...promise!)

as always, the misses are much more fun than the hits....for example, i spent most of the evening wanting to pop the mysterious bubble on nicole kidman's right shoulder. i have to say, it irritates me when someone who could make a plastic garbage bag and some old string look completely fabulous wears something like that to the oscars. sensless crimes against fashion...that's what i'm opposed to.

other definite misses: anne hathaway should really have known better, after spending all of that time on 'devil wears prada' than to wear a dress with a big bow over the chest. really. and, as usual, j.lo. wore something designed to make her look like a greek goddess, which is getting a little old - but her real miss was her escort/husband, who looked more like skeletor than ever.

so, that's it. does anyone know who won the actual awards? i was way too busy straining for a better look at portia de rossi's gown (which was insanely gorgeous, by the way) to be bothered with such trivial details :)

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