Tuesday, February 20, 2007

jewelry designer profile: st. kilda

so, as you all know, i can be a bit hard to please when it comes to jewelery. but every so often, a designer comes along that just really "clicks" with my idea of what's beautiful.

i was turned on to st. kilda by splendora, a fabulous site whose friday emails have come to be something i look forward to all week (seriously, if you don't subscribe, you should). and literally, just about everything i found on their site was something i'd just love to have in my jewelry box.

take the gorgeous necklace featured above, for example. you might not think so at first glance, but that's a diamond solitaire. but i love how subtle it is - it's elegant without being too prim. and it's unique...even though it's a solitaire, the focus is on the whole piece, not just the diamond. at only $380, i think you'd be hard-pressed to come up with a better value for a diamond solitaire necklace with this kind of intelligent design.

another favorite of mine is the crescent necklace she features on her site in two different designs. the first is an iris design, in silver with a gold chain, which was inspired by her great-grandfather's garden, according to the site. look at the detail...i think it's just fabulous. and at $150, it's a piece you don't even have to feel bad about treating yourself to. the designer also features a gorgeous bird design for this piece (inspired by a scrap of vintage wallpaper, of all things), in all gold - though the $750 pricetag makes it less of an impulse purchase. completely gorgeous, though - the detail work is really incredible.

i'm also loving (no pun intended) this gorgeous cocktail ring, in silver ($110) or gold ($510). look closely....what does that scribble say??

and i think i might have to add these delicate little silver earrings to my slim collection. the picture above really doesn't do them justice - it's worth going to the site to get a better look. i absolutely love that they're just large enough to stand out a bit, without being as huge as some of the earrings that have been out lately. and again, the attention to detail on this piece is really remarkable. for only $75, that's a bargain any way you look at it!