Friday, February 23, 2007

movin' on up.....

well, readers, it's a momentous day on this blog.....we've hit the big time!

the lovely folks over at shop it to me have put this very blog on their list of "trendsetters" - really, go check it out! this means we're in the company of some of the best fashion sites around, including daily candy and kristopher dukes. trés exciting!!

so, you may ask, what in the &*$% is shop it to me?? well, here's a shameless plug for you: imagine a website whose sole purpose in life was to make sure you never missed out on a sale item in your size, by the designer you love, ever again....pretty fabulous, i know. that's the idea: you sign up, give them your sizing info, your fave brands and shopping sites, and they stalk the sales for you - they'll email you daily, weekly, whatever you want, and show you everything that's new on sale in your size by your designers that day. it's gotten me in trouble on numerous occasions, i can tell you that :)

aaaaaaanyhoo....they think we're cool, we think they're's all pretty freaking cool!

happy friday, everyone :)