Thursday, September 28, 2006

item of the day: patent bags from j.crew

well, i am officially impressed! j.crew has managed, for under $100, to make 2 bags that i think are just fabulous! they're embracing the patent trend that's so hot for fall, as well as the big bag trend (in the case of one of the bags, not both)...and they've really done an amazingly good job on the design. now, they're not leather...but to be honest, when it's patent, that doesn't really bother me - the coating on patent is so thick anyway that i think it's pretty hard to tell what's leather and what's not. plus, these are going to be virtually waterproof - fabulous for the upcoming rainy season.

all 4 colors are great, but i love the eggplant and navy best.

snap one up now...i predict they'll be gone before you know it!