Tuesday, September 05, 2006

item of the day - haywire handbags

so, i have to admit that i have a penchant for relatively impractical handbags and shoes. classics are great, but i really go crazy for the styles that i know will stand out in a crowd. enter the 'fairways' tote, from anthropologie. there's something about this crazy bag that i just adore! it's so unique, definitely not something you'd see every fashionista on the block carrying. and the colors are so perfect for a summer-to-fall transition, and then for the really grey days in winter, when you really need something colorful to perk up your spirits.

sadly, it doesn't come cheap. i'd probably have a hard time dropping over $400 for this tote, but i'll continue to admire it from afar. but if you can swing it, buy it here - and send me a picture!

but, if you like the vibe, but not the pricetag, here's another darling "haywire" style that's much, much more reasonable. however, it's been seen being toted by enough people who set the style that i predict it will be on the arm of many a lovely gal this fall. i still love it, though, and for $35, it's hard to go wrong. out of stock online, but your local target just might have one left.