Monday, September 18, 2006

isaac mizrahi for target - holiday preview

so one of my favorite shopping mags, shop etc (which i hear is going under, which sucks), has an exclusive preview and pre-purchase of a few items from the isaac for target holiday line. and i'm actually intrigued....though most of his pieces for target really haven't done it for me (case in point). i love the raspberry brocade jacket - it really would be the perfect piece to jazz up your LBD. and while i'm not 100% sold on the fact that the fur-trimmed coat only has a 3/4 sleeve (makes it kind of limited utility in my book), it would be just the thing to cover that holiday party dress.

anyway, you can get them now from shop etc.'s website, or you can wait until the holidays are upon us. since i boycott target from about mid-november through year end (i am so not into high-impact shopping), i'll probably scoop up that raspberry jacket now :) at $39.99, it's hard to say no.