Tuesday, September 19, 2006

item of the day - bridle satchel

something in me just adores this bag. the suede looks so rich, and the bag has such a great style...just trendy enough to be a hot look for fall, but certainly has the character to survive many seasons ahead.

i'm not sure whether i love it more in the cocoa (much richer chocolate color than this photo shows) or in the black. truth be told, i aDORed it in the ruby red it used to be available in, but it's since sold out virtually everywhere - i was too slow! anyway, i think it's a fabulous bag in any color. and nearly large enough (at 17" x 13") to be a travel carry-on as well.

the best part? it's by maxximum, and it's under $200. the first time i saw it, i thought it was a new take on the muse bag by YSL. the second time i saw it, i thought the same thing...until i read the price in the fine print (and i had to do a double-take). at that price, it's mighty hard for this fashionista to pass up...and something tells me i won't be passing it up for much longer. if you agree, it's sold out at lord & taylor and at maxx new york. the only place i can still find it online is here. happy shopping!