Thursday, September 14, 2006

the birthday recap

okay, sorry for the delay...i'm a bad, bad blogger. all i can say is that if you take 3 days off of work, be prepared to pay for it for your first 3 days back...i've been working my tail off.

birthday was great - the hubs did an awesome job. i got the purple patent leather ballet flats i wanted, and they're completely darling. i also got speakers for my iPod...not very fashion-y, but i'd been wanting them forever and refuse to buy myself tech stuff for some reason. plus, the hubs loves buying me high tech gifts, so we all won :) and, of course, i got spoiled rotten all day, which is also a good thing!

no bling to report....but christmas is just around the corner (as is our 2nd anniversary), so i'm holding out hope (can you hear me, honey?)!

the other notable gift was from my father....let's just say he has some interesting ideas as to what makes a good gift for his offspring.

just what i wanted...pancake mix.

other than that, though, a lovely weekend. spent the first couple of days in monterey, where my hubs bought me a really fabulous dinner here (if you're in the 'hood, i can not recommend it enough), where i had an heirloom tomato salad, shrimp and white corn chowder, yellowtail ahi poke, black cod, a truly amazing cheese plate, and a glass of schramsburg blanc de blancs (menu recap specifically for j and a). then, we headed off to portland for the wedding of the hubs' best friend. it was actually really cool to be back in PDX....for those that don't know, i lived there for a year many moons ago (and actually imported my hubs to the bay area from portland as well), so it will always have a special place in my heart. plus, no sales tax...really, need i say more??

today is the last official birthday treat - a dear friend is taking me for a massage and glass of bubbly at a really super duper fabulous spa in the city. so, right around 1 pm today, think of me sitting right here, in a plush terry robe, drinking champagne and being called in for my hour-long massage treatment :) i don't feel so bad about the pancake mix now!
i know, i know.....don't cry for me, argentina :) but did you see that gift basket??? i think i've earned an afternoon at the spa.

oh yeah, and post-massage, i think i might head over to union square to pick up a bottle of my new favorite perfume...and thereby get this fabulous free gift. happy birthday to me!