Tuesday, November 07, 2006

review: behnaz sarafpour for target

i have to admit that i had really high hopes for this collection...it's been talked about so much & the pics looked so fabulous...

not so much.

stopped by my friendly neighborhood target last night to check out the goods, and well, it wasn't good. the few things i tried on didn't fit right (could be because the "go" line is sized for juniors, another peeve i have), and in general, it was just...disappointing. a silk shirt with a tuxedo front was completely stunning...until i looked closer and saw that the edges of the ruffles weren't finished, meaning the shirt would maybe survive one wear before it started to shred. and at $40, i'd expect at least a few wears from it before it crashed & burned.

the lace t-shirts were cute, and there was a cardigan with lace trim that i liked....but there were also t-shirts that looked like they'd had a bad run-in with a bedazzler. (and PS, yes, you can still buy those).

all in all: if you're 15, you might be able to pull off the REALLY short minis, but you're not going to like the lace stuff, as it has a little bit of an old-lady vibe. if you're 30, you have no business wearing any of it. if you're somewhere in between, well, it's your money, but the quality was really poor...even given that it's target. i'm not expecting couture, but this is ridiculous.