Monday, November 27, 2006

gift idea of the day: uglydolls

i think these are the most creative and fun gift ever, and if i weren't one of the few people i know with my sense of humor, i would buy them for everyone on my list. but a lot of people i know would just think i'm weird, so they're not getting them.

each of the uglydolls comes with a great name and a story that would make it really easy to pick an uglydoll to match each of your friends. take chuckanucka, for example:

Need someone to worry all over you? A worrier yourself? Chuckanucka is your man. He worries about pretty much everything under the sun: What if the phone rings when I go out? What if the mail man tries to deliver my earmuffs when I'm in the bathroom? Hey, I don't remember leaving the closet door open just a crack like that! What if I can't ever stop thinking about my name over and over again? Chuckanucka has a pretty strange way of looking at life. Sometimes he wonders if this is all just a hologram, and on other days he wonders what's going to happen if they stop making CD players... How will I play my favorite CDs??? I have over nine of them! Poor Chuckanucka. Ok, so maybe you'll have to look after *him*.
come on, that's darling! and for less than $20, it's a creative and unique gift for that person you can't think of anything else to give. if you know someone who would think these are as fabulous as i do, pick them up at