Tuesday, November 14, 2006

item of the day: ellen tracy satchel

since i think all of you know my love for bags and shoes, you also probably know that a too-large portion of my montly income goes toward purchasing these beauties. for this reason, i'm always thrilled to come across a deal.

today's feature may not be a deal at first glance, but let's talk about it for a second. lambskin. classic styling. the bag has structure of a frame with just a little slouch, to keep it from being boxy. the twisted handle detail is just interesting and distinctive enough to keep it interesting. the style and the details really do scream "i cost a lot more than $300," even though, amazingly enough, it didn't. i'm pretty darn impressed, actually.

and if you want to be even more impressed, check out the rest of ellen tracy's bags from her fall 2006 line, some of which are even on sale. she seems to have the understated elegance thing down, but isn't afraid to add one or two details to really make the style pop, all while using materials that should be coming along with a much higher price tag. two thumbs up!